If You Can't Find A Man...Do This





It's not that hard or easy to get a man. Everyone can get a man, just look outside and see that every second woman has a man in her arms.


What is hard is breaking out of old habits.


To find a man that you can call your own. And in particular a man that's rich with money....You better be attractive!


Don't do the online dating stuff. It's stupid. You want to find a real physical man and not some man in cyberspace who could be a creep. Talk to someone in the real world. Talk to your friend's friends when you see them at school or at the office or at a party!


Talk to people about interesting stuff and they will respond.

Talk to the cute guy when you're waiting in line at the grocery store or the fitness buff that runs past your apartment seven times a day. Or if you're in to nerds, go to the computer spaces at the library and I guarantee you there are 50 nerds there.


In all seriousness,


Be nice. Be polite. Say "yes, please" and  "no, thank you". Smile and say hello, wink and say goodbye. Tell him he's cute. Or you like that about him.


And see what happens.


If you're inviting even but you have no interest at all you are being cruel. Only talk to who you think has potential with you. Okay?