What do you look for in a man?


Be honest!


Tell me...Are you looking for muscles, money, or manliness?
Or how about all of the above?

If you're on the hunt to find a man, I understand that some might say we're superficial if we want a man with money. But it's not. They're just embarassed to say they want that too.


Afterall, what good is a man without money?

Make sure your man has money. But before any of that, you need and must have the right relationship chemistry! If he's butt ugly but has money...I'm not sure you'd be that happy. You might end up cheating on him and that's not right. It's just wrong.

Plus, how on earth and hell can you ever be able to kiss him if he's butt ugly?

You want to find a man who can provide you with the security of money, and be able to satisfy your emotional and physical needs.

And make your own criteria. If you find someone that meshes and matches what you desire..

Nab him right away.

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